The Current State of Alabama’s Business Industry

As Alabama’s largest city, Birmingham, AL offers many business opportunities. For instance, it is home to some of the largest commercial banking facilities in the county. The steel industry is also recognized as a key player in the country’s economy. In general, Birmingham’s culture is built on resilience, economic prosperity, and family. Those who are business-minded will like it here. When the country’s manufacturing age was peaking, the city was experiencing a fast population growth, which earned it the name “Magic City.” It is regarded as one of the best places to live and work in America, thanks to the competitive salary rates backed by minimized living expenses.

Birmingham is ranked high regarding the number of new start-ups cropping up and has one of the agilest business populations. Oddly enough there has been a notable increase in the number of new portrait studios in Birmingham Alabama. Birmingham also has excellent transport networks, with attractive business conference venues. In a 2016 industry report, new capital investment in the auto industry showed a promising future for the industry. This expansion has been noted in new and expanding firms that make auto parts and complete automobiles. While the auto manufacturing industry is relatively new in Alabama and only began about two decades ago, there are hopes that it could expand to create more jobs and business opportunities for the country. In particular, a manufacturing plant making Mercedes-Benz was the first to jump-start Alabama’s auto manufacturing industry. Even Mercedes-Benz U.S. International CEO Jason Hoff noted that suppliers and manufacturers alike have realized that Alabama presents exceptional opportunities for business growth and development.

Other factors that businesses in Birmingham enjoy include a low-cost environment, a skilled workforce, and business-friendly policies. On several occasions, businesses elsewhere have failed due to a suppressive government regime or a non-conducive business environment. The county also boasts accomplished job-training programs to equip workers with the skills required to accomplish assigned tasks.

However, despite the thriving business environment offered by Birmingham, AL, the major challenge for businesses in the city is the potential lack of the right labor skills to perform skilled labor tasks. Perhaps recruiting and nurturing highly-skilled workforce would be the only way to save the city from the potential decline in business due to unskilled/semi-skilled labor. For instance, despite having a high potential for growth, the manufacturing industry is not expanding at the rate it should because it lacks a highly skilled labor force. However, this could change for the better if people considered a career in the manufacturing industry and developed their skills around the area.